What started as a dream for my Mother and I became a reality in 2013 when we started a hair and beauty business. We consider ourselves to have high calibre of speciality, especially in providing services such as bridal/party hair and makeup to our ever so lovely clientele at Crown H & B Spa. Through establishing invaluable relationships with our clients, it led us to share our passion and belief further that every woman should look and more importantly feel beautiful wherever they are. We therefore consider ourselves to be a one stop shop when it comes to looking fabulous. Whether it's that extra 10 minutes to kill during your lunch break, an after work pick me up or that well-deserved weekend pamper- we are here for you.

As our business grew, so did our passion and dreams. We were enthusiastic to share our versatility and belief that every woman can look fabulous wherever they are with what they wore. Our vision therefore allowed us to expand our business further and it is our pleasure to introduce our new venture- an evening/prom dress boutique. 

Surprisingly in a large and cosmopolitan city like London, we as women are rarely spoilt for choice when finding that "it" dress for all the events we are invited to. It was vital to have a variety of high quality unique dresses for every women out there and to remove the fear of another lady wearing the same dress as them in an event.   

We want everyone to feel unique and to express their individuality with our gowns. Our goal is to make every woman feel empowered as well as beautiful the moment they wear our dresses. With our dresses, we want women to create an atmosphere where everyone is in awe of their beauty the moment they make their unforgettable entrance, allowing their moment to shine.